Apostille Birth Certificate

In order to process your California Birth Certificate for an Apostille, it must be an original or a certified original signed by the County Clerk.  For example, if you were born in San Francisco you will need to obtain a Certified Copy from the San Francisco County Clerk’s Office.  The same is true for all 58 Counties in California including Sacramento.

Documents signed by a Medical Doctor from the Health Services Department does NOT qualify for an Apostille.  Only County Clerk and State Registrar signatures are verifiable at the California Secretary of States level.

We process documents the same-day it’s received.  Once complete, your document will be delivered to your location the next business day.

Before sending in your California Birth Certificate for processing, it’s important that you have the correct document.  If you answer no to any of the following questions, call us before you mail in your documents.

1. Is your document blue and pink in color?
2. Does it have a blue border?
3. Is the birth certificate signed by the county clerk / registrar recorder’s office?
4. Is the birth certificate for a person born in California?

If you answered yes to the four questions above, your document qualifies for a California Apostille.  Be sure to send us the original and include our order form.

If you answered no the any of the four questions above, your document doesn’t qualify for a California Apostille.   Some reasons why your document may be rejected is:

1. You don’t have a certified original.
2. Your birth certificate is outdated.
3. Your birth certificate is signed by a doctor.
4. Your birth certificate is from another state or country.

We process documents from all 50 US States including Federal Documents. Before mailing in your document to our office, it’s important that you Contact Us.