Apostille US Passport

Apostille US PassportWe specialize in fast same-day Apostille service for your United States (US) Passport.  If you are located in California, you can either mail in your original Passport to our office or you can meet with a local notary who will copy certify your Passport.  The notary will make a color copy of the Passport and attach a document called a “California Copy Certification by Document Custodian”.  We can email you this document if the local notary doesn’t have one.

Once we receive your Passport or the copy certification, we’ll process your document the same-day through the California Secretary of State’s office.  Once complete, your document will be delivered to your location the following business morning.  We also provide international shipping.  International shipping rates apply.

The US Passport on it’s own doesn’t qualify for an Apostille unless it’s copy certified.  Only a notary can copy certify your passport.  We have a notary on staff to help expedite the process.  If you are outside the United States or living in another State, please mail to us your original Passport so we can copy certify it and obtain the Apostille.  Be sure to mail-in your document by UPS, FedEx, or DHL and always get a tracking number.