Why Do I need An Apostille?

Why Do I need an Apostille?

If you plan to live, work, travel, or get married in another country, you will be required to obtain an Apostille on your documents.  The country requesting your documents will provide you a list of what is required.  From experience, the most requested documents are: Birth Certificates, Divorce Decree, FBI Background Check, School Diploma, School Transcripts, and Single Status Affidavit.

Some countries may request just one of the documents mentioned above while others may ask for more.  Translation services can be performed after your documents have been Apostilled unless the requesting country has sent you a power of attorney in their language.  A power of attorney will need to be notarized by a California notary prior to an Apostille.

If you were born in California, you will need to either have the original or a certified copy of your Birth Certificate.  If your document is not blue and pink in color, you will need to request a certified copy signed by the County Clerk’s office.  You can always order a certified copy of your birth certificate by visiting http://www.vitalchek.com

A Certified Divorce Decree can be ordered through the Superior of Court.  For example, if you were divorced in Los Angeles County, you will need to request a certified copy from the Los Angeles Superior Court.  This document will be stamped and signed by the Deputy Clerk.

An FBI Background check will first need to be obtained by calling an FBI Channeler.  The two most requested FBI Channerlers we recommend are:

Accurate Biometrics
(773) 685-5699

National Background Check, Inc.
(877) 932-2435

You will need to request an authentication letter signed by the signed by the Criminal Justice Information Services (Biometric Services Division) signed by the Section Chief Kimberly J. Del Greco.  Be sure an original letter signed by the Section Chief Kimberly J. Del Greco is mailed to your address.  Some companies will e-mail you this letter which is not acceptable.  This is not an original and will be rejected.  For more information visit this link: FBI Background Check Apostille

If you need your School and/or Transcripts Apostilled, please mail us the original documents.  We’ll copy certify your documents and obtain the Apostille.  There is no additional fee for the copy certification.  We can Apostille documents from an Elementary School, Middle School / Junior High School, High School, College, and University.  If you prefer not to mail-in your original documents, you can meet with a local notary who will copy certify your documents here in California.

A Single Status Affidavit will need to be obtained form the local County Clerk’s office near you.  For example, if you’re in Los Angeles, you will need to go-to the Los Angeles County Clerk and order the “Single Status Affidavit”.

Please Contact Us with any questions.  We process hundreds of documents every month through the California Secretary of State’s Office and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete your documents quickly.