Driver License Apostille

Do you need an Apostille for your Driver License?  We provide fast same-day Apostille service for your California Driver License.

There are several ways you can obtain an Apostille for your Driver License.  If you are still in California, you can meet with a local notary who will attach a document called a “California Copy Certification by Document Custodian” to the color copy of your driver license.  We can email you this form on request.  Once complete, simply send us the documents with our order form to our office.

If you are no longer in California or the United States, you can send us your original driver license and we’ll copy certify it prior to obtaining the Apostille.  You’ll need to send us the original and not a copy.  We’ll make a color copy of the driver license and obtain the Apostille from the California Secretary of State.  Once complete, we’ll send you your original driver license and the Apostille.

We’ve Apostille 100’s of Driver Licenses for South Korea.  If you have moved to South Korea and need an Apostille for your California Driver License, call us or contact us through our site.

Additional shipping rates apply for international shipping.  Thank you.