Sacramento Birth Certificate Apostille

We can help you obtain a California Apostille for a Birth Certificate issued in Sacramento County. We also serve all 58 counties in California.

We provide same-day service at no additional cost and we’ll even send your documents back to you for next business morning delivery.  You’ll need to mail us the original signed by the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office in Sacramento.

Before sending in the California Birth Certificate for processing, it’s important that you have the correct document.

1. Is the document blue and pink in color?
2. Does it have a blue border?
3. Is the birth certificate signed by the county clerk / registrar recorder’s office?
4. Is the birth certificate for a person who was born in California?

If you answered yes to the four questions above, your document qualifies for an apostille.  Be sure to send us the original and include our order form.

If you answered no the any of the four questions above, your document may not qualify for a California Apostille.   Some reasons why your document may be rejected is:

1. You don’t have a certified original. Copies are not accepted.
2. The birth certificate is outdated. Order a new one here: .  If you have a very old original and it’s stamped by the county, please call us for verification.
3. The birth certificate is signed by a doctor. You have two choices: You can order a birth certificate signed by the county clerk or take the certificate you have now for an exemplification at the county clerks office.
4. The birth certificate is from another state or country. Contact that state or country for help.

We’re here to help you obtain an Apostille for documents issued by the Sacramento County Clerk’s Office.  Call us at 1-888-810-4054 or 1-916-692-0211.